APPIDE is an AI powered tool designed to increase the efficiency of thermographic inspections of photovoltaic plants. Using radiometric, RGB, and GPS data acquired from drones, APPIDE generates detailed reports in a matter of hours, identifying exactly where and what the performance problems are on solar sites. Our AI based solution drastically reduces the inspection times by human inspection and increases the reliability of reports. Overall, APPIDE allows you to make more inspections with fewer human resources, maximising the return on investment of your drones and your business.

APPIDE is developed by Deimos, the high technology arm of Elecnor Group, with support from the European Space Agency. Our tool leverages technologies used in space, to improve your business on Earth.

1.- Aerial Data Gathering

Gather your data with drones as usual. We require RGB, radiometric and GPS metadata.

2.- Cloud- based data storage and processing

Upload your data to our cloud-based servers for analysis and future hosting of inspection history.

3.- AI- powered Data Analysis

APPIDE takes care of fault detection, location, and classification, with high robustness against false results.

4.- Inspection Report

Receive your end user-ready report in less than 24 hours, in PDF format or through our web-based user interface.

Save time and resource

Thanks to automated data processing, inspections now take 24 hours, instead of weeks.

Increase your realiability

Removing the human factor in monotonous, non-expert tasks yields better results.

Maximise your returns

Inspect more, maximise the utilization of your drones, and increase your margins with AI.

Beyond analytics

Unlock valuable insights
for your end users
with cloud-based solution

Robust &
fast Solution

APPIDE quickly identifies, classifies and locates failures in solar modules based on thermal, RGB and GPS data. The robust machine learning pipeline effectively discards false positives and hardly ever misses a fault (95% detection rate).

Proprietary data
exploitation UI

Our data exploitation user interface enables users to access reliable, quality-assured data from their inspection reports in all their devices. End users receive a user-friendly front-end including the current state of the plant, and the visual evidences of the faults detected by the system.

Unique data mining

APPIDEā€™s results are stored on the cloud in a searchable, user friendly, and machine-readable format. This unique data set can help unlock valuable information based on mining of historic data, enabling you to optimise future inspections or offer preventive maintenance services.

Improve your thermographic inspections today with APPIDE. Ask for your free trial!